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Rachel Rae 21 Jan 2020

Spelthorne Local Plan Preferred Options: policies Further comments and how to respond Any further comments

  • Comment ID: pol/300
  • Status: Accepted
Although we welcome and support a number of the objectives, issues and policy approaches, we would like to recommend some improvements to ensure you produce a sound plan. It is unclear from this consultation whether you intend to compile site specific policies for each allocation, or whether you are intending that each site be in general conformity with all, or only relevant policies. It would be helpful if this could be made clearer. We would prefer to see specific policies for allocations whe
Rachel Rae 21 Jan 2020

Spelthorne Local Plan Preferred Options: policies Environment Policy E2: Flooding

  • Comment ID: pol/307
  • Status: Accepted
Notwithstanding our advice in relation to the new Thames modelling and the need for the SFRA to be updated to inform this policy and the associated allocations, we support the principal of ensuring the flood risk sequential and exception test is applied in accordance with national policy. Where sites contain different flood zones, we wish to see your commitment to ensuring the sequential approach is applied, again as advised by national policy, to ensure the layout of the site avoids development
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