Spelthorne Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation: Policies and Site Allocations

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Response Date 20 Jan 2020

Policy ID2: Sustainable Transport for New Developments
2.25 Policy ID2 states “the Council will expect development proposals to facilitate sustainable and active modes of travel. This will be achieved by… b) provision of vehicles parking standards, as set out in the Council’s latest Parking SPD”.
2.26 The Council’s desire to facilitate sustainable and active modes of travel is supported, however, in this regard, it is contended that the Council’s latest Parking SPD is out of date and will promote unsustainable modes of travel.
2.27 It is understood that the latest Parking Standards are set out in the ‘Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Guidance (2011)’ which sets minimum parking standards for all new development subject to the following exceptions:
• Within the Borough’s 4 town centres;
• Units specifically designed for single person occupation;
• Residential conversions where there are limited off-street parking opportunities e.g. floors of accommodation above shops;
• In Conservation Areas, where the character or appearance of the Conservation Area would be harmed by the impact of parked cars.
2.28 First, clarification is sought as to whether these are the latest Parking Standards, as the draft policy refers to a ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ rather than ‘Guidance’.
2.29 If the 2011 guidance is the latest standards, it is contended that maximum standards would be more appropriate for new residential developments in sustainable locations with good access to public transport.
2.30 In relation to Point 3 specifically, the recognition that Staines will be subject to bespoke standards to take account of the anticipated level of development and provision of sustainable and active travel modes is supported, but details of these bespoke standards are requested.
2.31 The Site is located in a sustainable location, with good access to Staines Station (approx. 7 minute walk) and a number of local bus routes along London Road. The Site is also within the Town Centre and therefore has excellent access to a range of amenities. It is therefore considered that for sites such as this, the Council should consider reduced parking requirements to instead promote the use of more sustainable modes of travel, as is a requirement of the NPPF (2019).

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