Spelthorne Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation: Policies and Site Allocations

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Response Date 21 Jan 2020

Policy ID1 sets out that that Council will seek to secure the required level of infrastructure to support the development. It is important that the is clear that any contributions sought are in line with the requirements of the NPPF and the CIL Regulations. Any policy requirement should also be evidence based and should not impact upon the viability of development which could stifle the delivery of much-needed employment floorspace.

Suggested Policy Wording
Policy ID1: Infrastructure and delivery

1. The Council will work with infrastructure providers, developers and other key stakeholders to support the delivery of the infrastructure necessary to enable the development set out in the Local Plan. To achieve this, the delivery of development may need to be phased to reflect the delivery of infrastructure.
2. Planning permission will be granted subject to the provision of (or appropriate funding towards) the required level of infrastructure to support the development. This will be secured through by entering into an appropriate legal agreement and/or the use of Grampian conditions27 in accordance with national guidance.

Proposed Change