Spelthorne Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation: Policies and Site Allocations

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Response Date 21 Jan 2020

It is important for development to be delivered alongside any necessary infrastructure required to support it. As such Thames Water support the content of Policy ID7 and the associated supporting text. New development has the potential to necessitate upgrades to the existing sewerage or water networks in order to ensure that adverse impacts such as sewer flooding, pollution of land and watercourses and problems of low/no water pressure are avoided. Where upgrades are required they will need to be delivered ahead of the occupation of the relevant phase of development which may result in the requirement for phasing conditions.

Any water and sewerage network upgrades needed to support development within the Thames Water region will be delivered by Thames Water and funded through the Infrastructure Charge. However, the timescales for the delivery of infrastructure should not be underestimated and can take 18 months to 3 years to plan and deliver. In order to ensure that development is aligned with any necessary infrastructure upgrades Thames Water are keen to engage with developers ahead of the submission of any application to discuss their infrastructure requirements and the phasing of development. Where there have been no discussions this will increase the risk of Thames Water seeking phasing conditions to ensure that any necessary infrastructure is in place ahead of the occupation of the development or relevant phase of development.

We would welcome additional supporting text being included under Policy ID1 encouraging developers to engage with Thames Water ahead of submitting planning applications to discuss their developments and delivery timescales.

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