Spelthorne Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation: Policies and Site Allocations

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Response Date 21 Jan 2020

Minerals and Waste Planning
An increase in development in the Borough will generate increased demand for waste facilities and construction minerals to support any increase in housing development and growth within the Borough. In our response to the Issues and Options Consultation, we pointed to the lack of any reference to both Surrey County Council’s Waste Plan and the Minerals Plan within the evidence base for the Spelthorne Local Plan. The minerals and waste plans remain unmentioned in this consultation document and therefore we would reiterate our previous comment.

Several of the sites proposed to be allocated for development in the Local Plan are located within Minerals Safeguarding Areas (MSAs) and one is located in the waste consultation area (WCA) for Charlton Lane. See Annex 2 attached to the is letter for more details. Surrey has online map facilities for viewing these sites.

Some of the sites are within or adjoining the allocated minerals site Manor Farm. This site has permission (SP12/01132) for the extraction of 1,500,000 tonnes of sand and gravel over five years from commencement and after-use restoration to landscaped lakes for nature conservation. It is subject to a S106 agreement for the land to be managed, post-development, in accordance with the approved Landscape and Ecological Management Plan. The s106 is available to view on our online register for SP12/01132 and was sent to the borough for the planning register when the decision was issued. Extraction cannot commence at Manor Farm until works at Queen Mary Quarry are completed enabling the material to be processed at the Queen Mary Site. Queen Mary Quarry has permission up until the end of 2033, so in theory extraction could occur at Manor Farm up until the end of 2033.

The MWPA wish to protect the viable economic resource at Manor Farm and would be extremely concerned that any new development could sterilise this or prejudice the future working of the site. We would be concerned that introducing residential uses within close proximity to this site would sterilise some of the reserves and could prejudice the future operation of the site. We would therefore want any proposals for development to be implemented only after the material has been worked from the Manor Farm site, so as to ensure the resource is not sterilised in the process. We would reject any proposals for the phasing of development. Furthermore we would also be opposed to any proposals that would negatively impact the existing access route onto Worple Road that forms part of the SP12/01132 permission. It is therefore important for the costs of safeguarding this access road to be factored in to any proposals for potential development.

Developers should be encouraged to make best use of any underlying mineral as part of their proposals, either to be used onsite or transferred to the processing and bagging plant at Queen Mary Quarry. Where development is proposed close to existing sites, we would encourage the Borough Council to ensure suitable mitigation is put in place, particularly on residential areas that border the Manor Farm site, to protect the amenity of residents from the impacts of any new development and to ensure the future operation of the quarry is not adversely impacted by the introduction of sensitive receptors.


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