Spelthorne Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation: Policies and Site Allocations

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Response Date 21 Jan 2020

The proposed housing requirement should be updated to 9,765 new homes (651 homes per annum) to meet Runnymede’s unmet housing need.

Draft Policy H1 refers to the need to deliver a wide choice of high-quality homes and to meet a range of accommodation needs. While the NPPF indicates that planning policies should assess and reflect the size, type and tenure of housing needed for different groups, such provision should not be prescriptive so as to be inflexible, restricting the delivery of the most appropriate form of sustainable development.

Paragraph 3 sets out that development housing mix should align with that in the SHMA or any similar evidence for market and affordable homes. It is important that individual site circumstances relevant to a proposal should inform the provision of a mix of housing to take account of factors such as local housing needs, current and future demographic profiles, the location and characteristics of the site, and market signals. To do otherwise would result in development coming forward that would not meet needs or make the most effective use of the opportunities offered by sites to best address requirements in the area.

Paragraph 11 requires developments of 100 or more new homes to provide specialist accommodation unless it can be demonstrated as unfeasible to do so. It is important that specialist accommodation for older people (sheltered housing, enhanced sheltered housing and extra care) is provided in suitable locations, and that this will meet a local need. It will not be appropriate for specialist accommodation to be provided on all sites, for example by reason of the location, the mix of development proposed, or the scale of development which would mean that it would not be viable or practical to provide specialist accommodation as part of the overall development. While proposals may consider the delivery of specialist accommodation this should not be a requirement for all proposals over 100 new homes.

Paragraph 12 requires development proposals for more than 100 dwellings to provide at least 5% of the total homes as serviced plots for sale to custom builders whilst there is an identified need. This proposed requirement has been made with no consideration of the implications for the viability of proposed developments, especially when considering the requirements around affordable housing, contributions to S106 and potential CIL liabilities. While proposals may consider the provision of serviced plots this should not be a requirement for all proposals over 100 new homes

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