Draft Homelessness Strategy 2020-2025

The Council is currently consulting on its draft Homelessness Strategy for the next five years. The strategy covers a range of themes which provide a framework to address issues relating to homelessness and rough sleeping in Spelthorne. The development of the framework has been based upon the findings of our Homelessness Review 2014-2019, which is available to download below.

We would like to know what you think about our proposals before we create our more detailed action plan which will contain specific measureable targets.

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This consultation ran from midday on Monday 2nd December 2019 to midday Monday 13th January 2020.

We considered all feedback and compiled a final strategy document and action plan which was presented for approval by elected members. 

The new strategy went live from Wednesday 1st April 2020 and is available to read here.


  • Opened
    2 Dec 2019 at 12:00
  • Closed
    13 Jan 2020 at 12:00
  • Response Published
    01 Dec 2020

Consultation Documents

  • Introduction And Overview Of Spelthorne
    A brief summary of the local area demographics and how our draft Homelessness Strategy was developed and links in with the Council's wider work.
  • The National Context And Our Current Homelessness And Rough Sleeping Challenges
    This document outlines national policy context and the impact it has on homelessness and rough sleeping. It specifically looks at our current local challenges.
  • Spelthorne Homelessness Strategy 2014-2019 Action Plan Review
    A review of our previous action plan which laid out eight strategic priorities. It clearly structures what we said we would do, how we said we would do it and what progress we have made.
  • Spelthorne Borough Council Homelessness Review 2014-2019
    Our Homelessness Review reflects on the levels of rough sleeping and homelessness in Spelthorne. It identifies what services and resources have been available to us to prevent and tackle homelessness in the last five years. The review provides an insight in to the causes of homelessness in Spelthorne and identifies which cohorts may be at risk. In summary, the review highlights key points of interest that have been used to inform our Homelessness Strategy framework.
  • Our Proposed Strategic Priorities
    Our proposed strategic homelessness and rough sleeping prevention priorities over the next five years will focus on five key areas: • End the use of emergency accommodation • Reduce the length of stay in temporary accommodation • Nobody sleeps rough in Spelthorne • Increase use of private rented sector for homelessness prevention and relief • Invest in staff training and development in order to improve the customer journey within the Housing Options service.