Spelthorne Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation: Policies and Site Allocations

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Response Date 21 Jan 2020

Our letter dated 25 June 2018 in response to the consultation on the Spelthorne Local Plan issues and options indicated that Option 2, which proposed dispersed development, would be likely to increase the need for journeys by low-occupancy motor vehicles which contribute to congestion. This remains a concern with regard to the allocated sites around Sunbury, Shepperton and Ashford. Nevertheless it is considered that the Local Plan offers an opportunity to promote an active travel strategy to seek to reduce single occupancy journeys and to seek opportunities for transport improvements for the east of the borough.

We support the reference to sustainable and active travel in each of the key development Policies SP1 and SP2 and Policy ID2. We welcome the commitment in Policy ID2 to work with the county council to promote and enable development proposals which facilitate sustainable and active travel. We anticipate that these aspirations will be strengthened in the next iteration of the plan, with the inclusion of specific requirements within policies for allocated sites, to ensure the provision of facilities for alternative modes of travel to the car.

The mention of traffic congestion is supported within the environment chapter, but it appears to be downplayed elsewhere. For example, the economic impacts of congestion should be mentioned and the potential for sustainable and active travel to address this problem could be given more emphasis.

The document refers to public transport interchanges and defines these as rail and bus stations. We do not agree that there are any public transport interchanges within Spelthorne. Staines railway station has bus stops directly on its northern frontage and is the closest to the definition, but is a 5 minute walk to Staines bus station. The remaining rail stations within Spelthorne all have standalone bus stops. In our view the reference to public transport interchanges could give the impression that areas are more sustainable than they actually are.

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