Pre-submission Spelthorne Local Plan (Reg 19) consultation

At an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 19 May, Councillors voted to progress the Local Plan and Staines Development Framework to the next consultation phase so residents, businesses, employees, and visitors to the Borough can give their views. 

Whilst the Plan will deliver many positives for the Borough in terms of affordable housing, new infrastructure and responding to the climate emergency, it has been a very difficult challenge to balance these benefits against the high number of new homes the Government expects us to deliver.  Ultimately, the Council feels that not having an up-to-date Local Plan runs the bigger risk of not being able to defend our most precious green spaces against unwanted development. It is clear that higher buildings will always be hard to prevent in some parts of the Borough, as we have seen in the recent Inland Homes1 appeal decision regarding the former Masonic Hall in Staines-upon-Thames, but it offers additional protection to the most sensitive areas, including around conservation areas.

Alongside the Local Plan is the Staines Development Framework which will help transform and regenerate the centre of Staines-upon-Thames. The framework will address issues such as parking, improving public transport links, capitalising on the riverside location and enhancing the environment and public spaces.

An online consultation will begin on Wednesday 15 June and will now run until Wednesday 21 September 2022, as we have extended by two further weeks due to publication of additional evidence (please see for further information).


  • Opened
    15 Jun 2022 at 09:00
  • Closed
    21 Sep 2022 at 23:59