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Serving Spelthorne: Your say on the Council’s Budget

Spelthorne Borough Council would like to invite people who live and work in the Borough to tell us their views on the proposals for the 2022/2023 Budget and beyond. We want to know which services are most important to local people to enable us to prioritise and make decisions about where to invest our Budget.

Living well in Spelthorne

North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance is a partnership comprising local health, social care, voluntary sector and Council professionals who have come together to help improve the health, wellbeing and life chances of local people.

Housing Allocations Policy 2022 You can Respond Online

The Council is consulting on its draft Housing Allocations policy. The policy provides a framework on how social housing is prioritised and allocated in the borough.

Staines Conservation Area Consultation You can Respond Online

Spelthorne Council will be undertaking appraisal reviews of all its existing eight conservation areas over the coming year. The first review of this year which has taken place relates to Staines Conservation Area. The last previous preservation and enhancement plan for this area was agreed in 1991. The review has been undertaken by AHC Consultants (Architectural History and Conservation Consultants).